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Going on a road trip... kind of
tyler hoechline, teen wolf
Next Monday (Feb. 6th) I am flying out real early for Houston, TX. Why? I am going with my boss to our company's other CCC (Customer Care Center) and doing a presentation on a program we use that they don't use. I have to "pimp" it out, because corporate is thinking of using it nationally.

The trip is all expenses paid (Air, Hotel, Food and Transportation around Houston). I am so excited and nervous. I hate public speaking, my heart beat increases, my palms sweat and I get light headed. Hopefully I won't pass out, but if I did, it would make for an interesting conversation with my coworkers back here.

Anyways I just wanted to update you on what's happening next week. I do have other news, but I will blog about that later.


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Just curious as to how that trip went to Houston. I'm one of those people at headquarters in Malvern, PA and curious as what it was being demonstrated. I would have to assume that you are at Poenix in our CCC there.

Best of luck with the organization and thanks for assisting in collecting those meters, we all know what a challenge that can be.

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