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Dierks, Jedd and ??? Oh MY
tyler hoechline, teen wolf

I finally have time to update.... er.... leave a little note. On thursday I went to the Venue of Scottsdale to see Dierks Bentley in concert. There I was introduced to a hot new singer of Alt Country, Jedd Hughs. He is absolutely awesome. He puts on a great show, sounds great live. I would pay to see him headline anytime. It doesn't hurt that he's Australian either! :P His base player was hot also but alas not Australian, he's from Florida. Damn.

Right now I am scanning some pictures from the concert. I didn't use my digital because it sucks at night time photos but great for daylight. They turned out great, prolly because we got second row. It was general admission and standing room only. Seriously. I stood for 6 hours straight. Three hours outside in the 100 degree heat, they gave us fans and popsicles to tide us over. Then we stood for 3 hours during the concert. It was unbearably hot and since I didn't eat before going ( I ate lunch at 12pm) I almost passed out.

After wards I stopped at Dell Taco to finally eat dinner at 12am. Boy was I starved.

Well I am going to finish scanning my pics and either post them here or at my site. I will let you know later.