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Hockey Hockey, where art thou?
tyler hoechline, teen wolf
Well last night was fun. I didn't know I missed hockey so much. God it was awesome, our seats were fantastic. Row 3 Seats 10 & 11.

The game was hilarious, who knew hockey players were pranksters? LOL. I got to meet Mike Tyson, like that's a big whoop. I used to like him before he became a cannibal and a rapist. He sat 3 rows behind us with the hockey wives. Also the owner of the Suns sat behind us, but just for a short time. He put on some gear and played goalie. I never laughed so hard.

I also got to meet Sean Burke and Landon Wilson. Both are really nice and generous, even though they had annoying/spoiled children yelling at them. I got some great pictures (mostly of JR, Keith Carney and Luc R. [I kept saying "Luc I am your father...", hey is was funny at the time]JR is my fav). Though I fell in love with Andrew Peters, who sadly is very married but hot and has a great personality to boot.

I will have to scan my pictures and post some soon. I didn't want the night to end.

On to other news................

1. Tomorrow I was going to call in so I could go to the Nascar truck race. My friend Andrew gave me free tickets but alas I can't miss work. I have a deadline I can't put off. But friday after I get off I am going to a meet and greet to get Jeff Gordon's autograph. Tis so exciting.

2. The U2 concert was fantastic. I love them to death. Bono makes my heart sputter. LOL. They have great stage presence. I have been hearing whispers that Duran Duran is coming to town and if that is true I am so there. U2, Duran Duran and Journey are my favorite groups. With Aerosmith in the wings.

3. According to the Sunday paper, Sir Paul McCartney is coming to town in November. His tickets go on sale this saturday and I'm tempted to buy a few. He was not my favorite Beatle (that title goes to Ringo) but he is an awesome performer and has some great songs. I still have 2 days to decide.


On a last note, there better be deal made between the Owners and Players (NHL) before the start of the next season. I can not live another year without it. Also I want the All Star game to be here like it is planned. I want to be surround by lots and lots of hunky players. *SWOON* :p