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(no subject)
tyler hoechline, teen wolf

Well 2 days ago I turned 21, big deal right? Nope. My birthday was just a little better then last year (where I stayed home by myself doing nothing); my mom and I went to her friends to have her car checked out, that event lasted from 9 to 4:30pm. Then we went to my aunt and uncle's new house, stopped at home to change and headed to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. After that we went down to the legion and I got to legally drink!

That was it. No birthday cake, no presents, not even a card from my mom. I finally got the card yesterday after I got home from work. I wish we could have been able to go to Vegas like we had planned (before my mom was let go at work). Oh well, we are moving in 3 months so I can wait, I guess.

I love my job and don't want to leave it BUT i want to move TODAY. I want to get out of this hell hole NOW! ( can you tell I'm anxious?). I've already started packing, only because when we moved last I didn't throw anything out and we (that actually means ME) need to downsize. I'm such a pack rat.

On other news.... has anyone watched the Olympics? I have but I'm bummed that Gymnastics and Swimming (also Tennis... aka Teh Mr. Roddick :)  ) are over. Seeing all those hot men in really small swimsuits (with the exception of Mr. Thorpe)... it was enough to make me let out a fangirl *giggle* accompanied with some very dirty thoughts!! LOL.

I feel so bad for Paul Hamm (who even with a high pitched voice is DAMN SEXY), 2 controversies with his wins. Those damn judges need to learn out to count and get things right the first time. It just makes those who hate (us) Americans more ammunition. BUT I'm proud... so ...  GO USA!!

**** QUESTION **** Is it bad that I am rooting against Team USA Men's Basketball?

Some/Most of those guys are so selfish and arrogant SOB's. They are the ones that give Americans a bad name. (starting with Iverson and the list continues). Also the announcers need to stop calling them the Dream Team, that is an insult to the REAL Dream Team. The one's that know that there is no I in team!

Enough of my rant!


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Belated Happy Birthday!!!

I'm rooting against the so-called Dream team too. they're just plain pathetic.

Ooh. Belated Happy birthday! :)

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