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(no subject)
tyler hoechline, teen wolf

I'm still here...

Right now I am wasting time before I have my Ortho appointment. I really hope my braces come off, I've had them since March 26, 2000.


On sunday I went to the mall and found a Mrs. Bloom purse for sale so I bought it, well actually it's a makeup holder but who cares!! LOL.

They also had:

  1. Mrs. Depp
  2. Mrs. Pitt
  3. Mrs. Kutcher
  4. Mrs. Timberlake

Now all I need is a Mrs. Roddick purse and I will be set for life!! LOL.

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Coolcoolcool purses!!!!!!!!

Oh bagh. You remember when you got your braces? I don't. It's physically impossible for me to think that far back... Hah. Hope you get them off too. I remember how icky they were...

the only reason I remember is because it was 4 days before my Junior prom!! LOL

Hey what store did you find those Mrs. purses in? I've looked everywhere for the Mrs. Depp one and can't seem to find it. Please lemme know!! It would be so helpful!! You can send me an email at snow0086@yahoo.com THANKS!

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