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tyler hoechline, teen wolf

    Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've been pretty busy this last week as I will be next week with 3 major tests. Test's suck, especially when they are close together.

Well the other day my new DVD ROM arrived and I got it installed and have been one happy camper. I totally love it and the great thing is that it wasn't too expensive. So I don't feel so bad about buying it. And I got free shipping on it. LOL. Which is always good.

Already I have made 120 screencaps of one of the appendices for The Two Towers, now I'm making my way through Finding Nemo... I'm not capping the whole movie just certain scenes that I really like. If I capped the whole movie I would have to buy a whole new domain to house my gallery... and I can't afford that.

Yesterday in the mail I received a notice that I've won over half a million dollars from a lottery. I think it's bogus but I'm going to create a new email address and email them asking about it. IF (and I highly doubt it) it was true I would be in heaven.

My mom got a temporary job with our church... she will be doing book keeping and working with the different groups associated with our church. We also are moving again. The house we (well I did for 3 months) have been living in for the past year charges too much rent, almost $800 a month for 2 bedrooms so we are moving to a slightly smaller apartment on the other side of town. So when I go home for Spring Break I will be packing and moving my shit to the new apartment. The good thing is that it has a swimming pool and tennis court so that will be fun this summer and the rent is a whole hell of a lot cheaper. Also it takes pets!! YEAH.

Today I'm not going to do much but study, work on converting my sites, trouble check for the music category for The Fanlistings dot Org. Later tonight I'm going grocery shopping, I'm out of everything so I'm excited about getting real food. LOL.

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hi mandy! it's jen from glass heart. just saying hi! HI!!!

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