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Provance commenters--> Name and "from provance"...
tyler hoechline, teen wolf

Provance commenters--> Name and "from provance"...

      Well it's Valentine's Day, do I care? Hell No!!... I haven't celebrated VD since I was in 5th grade. Oh well, it's an over-rated holiday anyways.

Sorry I haven't blogged in 5 days... I've been busy with classes and such.

I just got back from a Humane Society outing... we were at the mall with 3 cats and 2 dogs hoping that they would be adopted. Well, 3 did... Brandon, Cyder and Molly were all adopted by really nice people. I hung out with Molly the most, she's a 2 year old Beagle and was very friendly. Brandon, a calico, was so friendly... he just wanted people to pet him. He also was gorgeous.

Cyder, a mix of something, was really shy, but this girl that goes to SDSU fell in love with her and adopted her on the spot. The only 2 left were: Jessica, a white lab and Omen a mix of a cat. Both are so sweet and cute. Hopefully in the future they will be adopted.

Well I'm going to go read my new Details magazine (with Ethan Hawke on it). I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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I hate Valentines day too, I'm glad its over! Classes suck too. :P

That's really nice of you to work for the Humane Society. I'm sure that all the animals are so cute; I wish I could adopt, but we can't have any pets at my house -- the landlord sux0rs big time.
Wishing you the best!

Chel0Bell0 from provance

Awww... those dogs sound cute. :)

Question: Are you allowed to have livejournals registered on provance? IM me on AIM if you want to answer the q, Chel0Bell0

Re: Chel0Bell0 from provance

Right now it's temporary until I can set up my blog on my domain... right now it's not my top priority but soon my blogs will be on my domain.

Re: Chel0Bell0 from provance

ohh i see.

hey there. i so agree with you. v-day is totally overrated and that sucks.

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