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(no subject)
tyler hoechline, teen wolf


Did anyone watch the Grammy's last night? I wasn't really looking forward to it but it was actually pretty good. I'm not a huge Beyonce fan but her opening act with Prince was pretty awesome. I love the song Purple Rain.

Anyways, I will post more soon. I'm distracted by Las Vegas!!

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i didn't see the grammy 'cause they don't show here in italy,but i'm so happy that Christina won a the best female a vocal perfomance,but well she deserved the best album grammy too!!she made a wonderful xformance of beautfiul yeah!

Marissa from Provance

i didn't watch the grammys but everyone was talking about it today.. i saw part of the beyonce/prince performaqnce on tv also. i hate beyonce but prince is pretty cool! i wish i could have seen that part :D oh well

sarahjerae http://aboutagirl.net (provance)

i didn't watch the grammy's =\ i totally forgot that they were on lol.

Tiffany_ from Provance

I didn't watch the Grammy's but I guess I should have. I bet that performance was pretty cool.

I didn't watch the Grammys although I did catch the Justin/Senorita performance and Outkast with all those people. Both perfs off the hook. Wasn't that last ep in LV fab? I live in Vegas, so it's kinda cool to see my town get a good primetime show.

Kat (from provance)

Naw I didn't get the chance to watch the grammys. Too busy doing homework. Eeek. :)

Brandy--from provance.

i didn;t catch the grammys this year but some of the people i've heard that won shouldn't have ;x

Yeah, I watched the Grammys too, and while I thought the opening with Prince was good, it wasn't nearly as great as I expected... I was kind of disappointed because a lot of people were making a big deal over how great the opening was going to be... it was ok, though.

skye (provance)

yep, saw the grammy's. i only watched it half ass tho because i was busy with other stuff. that's pretty much how i watch tv these days. i think i saw a couple eps of LV when it first started, but it didn't stuck me in. glad it was a good ep :) take care!

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