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Beach Boys
beach boys
Last night we went to the Beach Boys concert here at Verrado. The "event" started at 2pm, with some local bands and then some other bands. We got there a little after five (we had to drive from my house which was a mile from the concert, to a parking "lot" off Interstate 10, where they then bussed us to main street) and only heard 2 bands before the Beach Boys came on. Both were fantastic, then at 8pm the Beach Boys came on and I was very happy for two reasons:

1.) I got to stand up after sitting on my ass for 3 hours (concrete kills after awhile)
2.) They are the Beach Boys

I've been a fan of their's since before I can remember. I grew up listening to their harmonies and fun lyrics. They played until 10 and for a couple (only two original members are part of it) of "old" guys, they can still put on a show. The "younger" guys in the band sound just like the originals, it was kind of eerie. I took a few pictures, but because we were far away, they aren't the greatest. I did make two videos of their songs and for being as far away as I was, you can hear them quite well.

After the concert, we hightailed it to the bus pickup and got on the 2nd bus there so we could get to our vehicle and go home. I ached from sitting on the ground for 3 hours and then standing for 2. BUT it was all worth it.

Today while at the BBQ that was thrown by our community, I overheard several people saying that the BB's sucked. I wanted to ask them what concert they went to but then I heard them complain about the food and I figure they are the type of person to complain to just complain. Stupid People.

In all, I had a blast and was so tired afterwards that I collapsed on my bed and slept until 8:30 this morning.