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My newest obession
Sean & Nathan
So earlier this year my obsession was Kara Thrace and Lee Adama from BSG, so much so that I bought seasons 1 and 3 (not 2 or 2.5 because I couldn't find it cheap). I read a whole bunch of their fanfic and everytime BSG was on TV I had to watch it. Now my current obession is (again) John Sheppard and Elizabeth Wier from Stargate Atlantis. It was through them that I fell in love with SGA again, so much so I bought seasons 1 through 4. I'm slowling making my way through season 2, watching the episodes and then rewatching them with the commentary. It is because of this that I realise SGA isn't the same without the character Elizabeth Weir AND actress Torri Higginson.

It is also my luck that when I start to get back into a show I used to like, the shows get cancelled. At least I will have the seasons on DVD and a promised movie(s?) for SGA. I will be sad not seeing Joe Flanigan on my tv every week. Maybe he can join another show so I can oggle him? lol

Also, my love of SG-1 is coming back full force. I used to watch it on Showtime whenever we got a free preview (before it moved to Sci-Fi and before Disney was a non pay channel). I just watched Stargate Continuum and boy is Cameron Mitchell hot and boy do I love his chemistry with Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping). BUT I do love me my Jack O'Neil... Richard Dean Anderson plays him so awesomely! lol.... I wish they could combine SGA and SG-1 and it could air FOREVER...

Now I am going back to watching COPS, man those people make me look sane!