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Aloha from Arizona... BOO haha
tyler hoechline, teen wolf
Well, I've been home from Hawaii since 9am Tuesday 4/15/08. I went with my mother and her boyfriend (er Fiance). We were there for a week and had a blast. Below is a list of the things we did on Oahu:

* Walked about 15 million miles... lol... we probably walked 10 miles a day. We only took the bus or caught a ride a few times.

* Swam in the Pacific Ocean in Waikiki for about 4 hours on the beach on a cloudy day. Because of that we all got burned and I got sun poisoning. HeHe. We were at the beach several times but only went swimming once.

* Visited Pearl Harbor, it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

* Went on a Catarmaran - Dinner Cruise along the coast (Waikiki Beach). I took some great sunset pictures.

* Went to a Luau - Germaine's Luau. Absolutely fantastic. Also took a ton of sunset and ocean pictures.

* Went snorkeling along the West side of the Island. The Catamaran took us to where the west side meets the north shore. Snorkeled with Dolphins (actually I was only NEAR them, haha). Fed and swam with beautiful fish and saw sea turtles surface.

* Got to spend time with Bree. When I was little my mom was engaged to her father and they were together for a few years. I consider her family but we hadn't seen each other in 14 years. I actually need to send her some of the pictures I took!

* Found my new favorite beach, Sunset Beach (North Shore). Like Bree said, the sand is fantastic and it's hardly ever crowded.

* Visited the Dole Plantation and had some Pineapple ice cream (delicious) and I bought Mary a Dole postcard because she just LOVES them, lol.

* On the way to Hawaii got to see The Water Horse (?) and P.S. I Love you (Gerard Butler is HOT). On the way back they played The Golden Compass but since it was so late (10:30pm) I fell asleep before it was halfway done.

* Took over 500 pictures because I'm a picture whore! hehe

**** Now I want to go back!!!

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