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It's almost DONE!!
Nathan Fillion in B/W
We are in the process of buying a house! YES!!! The latest date the close is the 28th but we are hoping to close before then. We just have to sign some more papers with the Mortgage company and then with Pulte and it's 'done'. On the 19th I have to leave work early so we can go out there and do a walk through, we have to find all the stuff we want fixed and they will do it. I will post some pics of it after every I is dotted and T's crossed.

Here is the basics

2220 sq. ft
3 bedrooms
2 1/2 baths
Huge backyard
Family room
Formal dining room
Living room
Laundry room
2 car garage (we will have a long drive way!)
GRASS!!! (on one side and in the front)
Granite counter tops & an island (I will have tons of space to bake)
Stainless steel appliances 
The first thing we are going to add to the backyard is a pool.
Pulte is going to pay our HOA's for the 1st year, which is nice

It's in a newer community on a cul–de–sac that faces a little park and has a view of the White Tank Mountains

I've started packing but I feel like I haven't accomplished anything.

I will keep up updated when anything changes!!