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Baseball Fever
tyler hoechline, teen wolf
 On Saturday I went to the Arizona Diamondbacks VS Los Angeles Dodgers game. I was excited for 4 reasons.

1. I've loved the Dodgers since I was little. I don't follow them that much but I do have a soft spot for them.

2. I LOVE Nomar Garciaparra. I'ved him since he appeared on MTV's Rock & Jock Baseball. I'ved followed him with the Red Sox, Cubs and now the Dodgers. He is also married to my favorite soccer player, Mia Hamm.

3. Luis Gonzalez. I loved him as a DBack and still as a Dodger. He does a lot for his community and he sometimes calls into my favorite radio station in Phoenix. KMLE 107.9

4. I got to see the DBacks who have been playing SO well this season. They aren't my favorite team but I've liked them since their run to win the World Series. Plus all the players are class acts.