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(no subject)
tyler hoechline, teen wolf

  Well the last few days have been OK and that's it. On Tuesday my mom got fired... oops I mean she was let go. Those bastards, she's been there since the place opened, she helped set it up and what do they do, fucking let her go. Now we have to find a new place to live because where we are the rent is too high. And my mom has to find a new job. She's looking in Rapid for this but if push comes to shove she's going to look at Sioux Falls and if that falls through Arizona or California.

I want my mom to move to Sioux Falls, then I would be closer to her but I also want her to move to Arizona cause I love it down there. The climate is the same as Ridgecrest (my hometown in CA). But we'll see. I'm just praying she finds a good paying job. When she told me, I felt like I had been sucker punched. We never have good luck, all my life it's been me and my mom (maternal family thrown in also) and we've had to fight for everything we have. When I tell people I went to a private HS they automatically assume I'm rich, I'M NOT!! I had to get financial aid to go there. Yes most of the kids there had money but I was not one of them.

I just want to win the lottery so I won't have to worry about money ever again. I could buy my mom a house and new car, pay off loans and debts (mine, stupid college tuiton), and help the rest of my family. But only those who I am close to, hell would have to freeze before I ever helped my father and some of my family on his site... since I don't really know most of them.

I'm looking for sites that have LJ icons available. IF you know of any please let me know in the comments!!


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I wish I could win the lottery too. It'd be so nice.. I hate worrying about money. And I am not too thrilled with my own dad as well.

Have a nice day.


From: Jennifer [xxj3nnfur]

Well, were' kinda in that situation now, my mom just didn't get ladi off though. We're kinda in the poor house. I too wish we could win the lottery.

Hey, this website looks great. And as for your mom, I hate those companies that hire their best employees. Don't worry, the company will probably die soon anyway.

-Justin, *Provance*


hey im Lorna from provance..i dont have an LJ so i put anoynymous. I love your LJ! im sorry your mom got fired, and i hope she finds a new job!

hey, i'm from provance (lisapistacio)

thats horrible about your mom being laid off, basturds! man i would love to win the lottery..imagine the freedom hee hee
well take care

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