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Mal & Zoe

I'm excited because I bought the Complete First Season of Firefly on eBay the other day and today I got notice that is has been shipped!!!!!!!! I've already watched the whole box set courtesy of Blockbuster but I just HAD to buy it. I also bought the Official books that go along with Firefly and Serenity off of Overstock.com. I'm waiting with baited breath to read them, I haven't bought stuff like this or felt like this for a show/movie since Buffy. Then I was a Buffy freak (okay a Buffy/Angel freak but who's asking). I also pre-ordered the Collectors Edition Serenity dvd which comes out on my birthday. Happy birthday to me! LOL.

Also since I never watched Firefly while it was on FOX or saw Serenity in the theatres I feel really jipped that I never saw it while it aired. The show was getting so good when they cancelled it. It seemed to be moving into a darker territory with light moments. When I watched the last episode I felt ripped off, not by the show itself but by FOX. Grr Argh. The other night I TiVo'd Serenity and I've already watched it 4 times. I like the whole cast but I absolutely love River and Mal, together and apart. I've actually been reading River/Mal fanfiction and I've realized there just isn't enough of it. It seems most people like Mal/Inara or Rayne. Come on people, I need more River/Mal and since I'm solely inadequate when it comes to fanfiction, I can't produce my own. LOL.