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tyler hoechline, teen wolf

Yesterday Jenny and I went to see it at the AMC Theatre down the street from my house. The first movie was at 10am and only cost us $5 each, any movies on weekends and holidays before Noon are $5. Which I love, by the way. After buying popcorn & a pop (me) and a hot dog, slurpy and gummy stars (Jenny) we got our seats at the VERY back of the theatre. Then after 20 minutes of "First Look" previews we sat through 17 minutes of Movie Previews. Lindsay Lohan's "I know who killed me" looks good even if I can't stand her.

On to the movie, 1408 is what I consider a TRUE horror movies. There was hardly any blood nor slashing and no guts. A horror film shouldn't disgust you, it should keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole thing. I believe less is more and the cinematography and background music were fantastic. I will never listen to The Carpenters "We've only just begun" without thinking of this movie.

In all it was a very good movie, I am still confused about the ending but I think I might read the Stephen King short story to see how his 'version' went. Everyone should at least see it once, it won't be everyone's cup of tea but you might just like it.